Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I was on a roll today! While running double car trouble errands, I managed to kick butt and take names. At the grocery store, I happened to notice a stockpile of empty clear plastic “jars” for candy. I knew they’d be perfect for organizing, which I’ve been doing a lot of since school let out. So, I asked the manager if they would sell them and he let me take six (SIX) for free (FREE!) The only thing that could’ve made it better would be if they were way-cuter glass, but considering the demographics of my household, I think plastic is probably for the best. I have big plans for a super-cute, super-organized, Pinterest-ful craft nook in the corner of my bedroom and these jars are gonna bring it to a whole new level. 

Then, I stopped at a junk shop to ask about a dresser I’ve been eying for a couple of weeks. It’s been sitting outside and it’s definitely seen better days, but it’ll be perfect for this other big plan I have for a super-cute, super-organized, Pinterest-ful, entryway by our front door. 

Sidenote: Did I mention that I have a lot of projects lined up for the summer? Darn you, Pinterest! On my first day of freedom, I was spazzing out to Ryan about it because, “I don’t even know where to start!”  The hubs, ever the practical one, told me to just make a list of everything I wanted to do. That’s the problem, Babe. I already did, and it’s three pages long! Literally. 

Anyway, I’ll be loading up the dresser I’ve been coveting tomorrow with my wallet only $20 lighter. Boo. To. The. Yah!

So, I was telling the boys about my sweet scores because they still care about that kind of crap (or they’ve learned the age-old man secret of pretending to care). They got really excited with me and asked me where I was going to put said sweet items (ftr - they clearly didn’t learn their pretending to care skills from their father). So I described the craft area and the entry nook and how we would keep our shoes in a large basket under the dresser because it had awesome tall legs and how we could store our hats and gloves in one of the side cabinet thingies in the winter and our sunscreen and beach towels in the summer and how I was going to sew a little curtain to cover up the missing drawer, etc. etc. etc. Then, Reed said something that showed what a perceptive little fellow he is. “Mimi will say you're so organized!” Perceptive, because his comment showed that he understood what I valued, and who in our life would most appreciate the decorative arts.  I got a chuckle out of that because I had instantly thought of my Mom’s reaction to the “after” when I saw the “before.” Calvin, reacting to my laugh, had to up the stakes as only he can, “Yeah! Mimi will scream and pee in her pants!” One can only hope, Cal-cal. One can only hope. 

There’s just a tiny problem. I don’t know a thing about refinishing furniture. And I haven’t gotten my new sewing machine out of the box to see if I remember how to use one. And I have three more pages of other projects to do first. I might just have to settle for a Mimi gasp when she sees the "before" and dreams of the "after" possibilities with me. By the time I actually get it done, she may be peeing her pants on a daily basis. 

Update - I did it! Check these projects out - dresser and craft room containers and craft nook

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Deborah Raney said...

I am SO glad you labeled this post "potty humor" and please, please finish that darling project LONG before I'm peeing my pants on a daily basis.

I'm so glad those little guys appreciate Mimi's appreciation for crafty things. Just don't let them tell their friends once they leave elementary school.

Can't WAIT to see you all...and send home certain large pieces of furniture with you so we can have our garage back!