Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Ladies' Man Strikes Again

Well, Reed's admirer couldn't settle for talking to his Daddy. She was on the phone again a day or so after her first call, and this time, Daddy didn't bail Mr. Studmuffin out. Reed reluctantly took the phone, made a, "What?!" face at Ryan, scowled and gave a gruff and grouchy  hello, followed by an even grouchier, "Whattya want?" I gave him my best, "be nice" face and he walked out of the room, saying, "I can't believe you called me." I tried to find some chores that needed doing in a nearby room, real cas, you know. I wasn't fooling him. At one point he said, "Wait. I have to go somewhere else or my mom will hear me." So, I backed off (which means I eavesdropped from a safer distance).

His voice got a little more friendly, but still had an edge, especially when the pushy broad couldn't take a hint. Reed must've said a half-dozen times, "But how can I call her if I don't know her number!?" He also threw in, "I can't talk to her! I'm going to eat supper WHILE I watch a movie. I can't eat AND watch a movie AND talk to her. That'd be ridiculous!" Finally, I came to his rescue and hollered, "Time to eat, Reed! Hang up the phone!" You can thank me later, little Casanova.

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