Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Peeing in the Shower

I’m starting to regret telling the boys that it’s ok to pee in the shower. And all just to keep from getting a little water dripped on the floor. I peeked in at just the right (or wrong) moment to check on my little water rats and caught Reed in the act of peeing on his brother. He’d been acting up lately, so I decided for the swift-justice method of discipline. I asked him to get out of the shower and wait for Calvin to finish before he got back in to wash himself. In the minutes that followed, Reed tried to bargain for ways to get back in the shower to play. Among his offers:
- Do ALL the chores
- Clean up the dishes and put them in the dishwasher
- Make LUNCH!
- Organize everything (he knows his audience)
- Pee on himself
- Stay home BY HIMSELF without a babysitter so I could go to Gospelfest without any kids.

What?! Gospelfest is the annual concert put on by the family of Mrs. Pam, our sitter. The last time I’d talked about going to that was weeks earlier! However, I’m sure he knew from other recent and frequent conversations that if I was going to go there, I would prefer to go there WITHOUT ANY KIDS.

Pretty tempting deal, but I had to stand on principle—and stubbornness.