Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fun Run

I'm no runner. Yes, I ran track in high school and college, but my longest event was the 300 meter hurdles and I begged every meet to scratch that race. In college, I only had to run a few steps down the triple jump runway. My husband coaches Cross Country, but I think he and his athletes are insane for running anything longer than a lap around a track.

But lately, I love me some morning runs! Not because I feel good while running (I don't.) Not because I am gaining great physical results from my efforts (I'm not.) No, the primary reason I look forward to limping up and down the crazy hills surrounding our house is because NO ONE CAN TALK TO ME!!!

 It's just me, the dog, and the iPod for however far I can trudge in 10-15 minutes.

Then I pull out the earplugs, turn around, and walk home to the sound of sweet, sweet, silence. Once I'm in that door, it'll be nonstop jibber jabber for the next 12 hours. Some of it will be cute and funny. A lot of it will be annoying. So, I'll endure the puffing, panting, and burning calves for the moments of freedom they provide - and for the sanity it gives me to walk happily back to this crazy life I love so much.


Tavia Smith said...

Yet another reason I would love to move CLOSER to you. I need a running buddy! I would be a silent one... promise!

Tobi said...

Hey - unless you're going to ask me to do stuff for you or drone on and on about Ninjas and their weapons, you can talk to me. I may be unable to talk back, what will all the huffing and puffing...