Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mr. Popular

Apparently, this little boy is quite the stud. First, a couple weeks ago, the phone rang and the voice on the other end (who I thought was a student who got my home number somehow!) asked for Reed. I almost didn't know what to do. He's not old enough to talk on the phone with friends! Is he? When I gave him the phone and told him who it was, he said, real charismatically, "Hi, J! Umm... just a minute, I gotta talk to my mom," then in a stage whisper, "Ummm, sorry for giving our number to J." I, being the super cool mom that I am told him it was fine and he could go ahead and talk. And talk he did. Dude walked all over the house with the cordless and didn't shut up until I told him it was supper time. I spied on him several times. (I guess it wasn't very sneaky spying, because I snapped about twenty pictures while I did it.) The first time, he was describing in great detail our house, down to the "closet for all my dad's weapons." The next couple of times I eavesdropped, it was all about Ninjas or Mario or something, so I got bored and left him alone. He was beaming the entire time (probably because he got to talk someone's ear off without getting in trouble by a teacher or shut down by a mom - I have a "tell me one thing" rule when it comes to movies or games). Then, before he had to hang up he was setting up a future phone date, "If my mom says it's ok." Way cool, dude, but thanks for the thought.

Then, this morning we went up to our school meeting place for National Day of Prayer together. When the presiding pastor asked everyone to join hands, Reed grabbed my left. One of the little girls who had been quietly mingling near us (there were several) casually slinked up to his free side. He not so slyly switched sides on me, where another little lurker asked him for a hand hold. He told her he didn't want to. Harsh, Heartbreaker, harsh. She quietly slipped off and I suggested he hold a nearby boy's hand, "That'll keep you safe from the girls," I whispered. He rolled his eyes and said something expressing embarrassment and relief.

At lunch, he got to party with a couple little ladies at a personal pizza party in the classroom. One little girl had earned it as a class reward and got to pick two friends. She picked her best friend and (I'm assuming) her crush. Their teacher informed me what the same student had written in her friendly letter assignment. She wrote her letter asking Mrs. Bishop if she could please move Reed back by her because she missed talking to him.

Step off, ladies. That little super stud is my baby! And while I can totally understand that you find him charming and cute and smart (he just read a Magic Tree House book BY HIMSELF in two days!!!!) he "doesn't want to marry anyone yet."


Deborah Raney said...

Shoot, by the time you were Reed's age, you were dialing up complete strangers asking if they had "a catalog featuring your products." LOL! This cracked me up. And the pictures are priceless!

Tobi said...

Haha! Forgot about that! Dorkiness runs deep...