Friday, October 17, 2014


My little man is not so little.

He lost his tooth just before his birthday. Literally. It rolled down the drain. 

So he made a fake tooth for the tooth fairy, who was apparently off duty that night, which resulted in tears the next morning and a sneaky maneuver (even though he's always known who the tooth fairy is, we pretend for the fun of it) to save the day. My favorite thing about these pictures? The Optimus Prime costume. That's our boy. Always in some super hero get-up, conquering the world. And he believes he can, too. He can do anything in his mind. When we talk about what to do in case of bad guys, brothers drowning, or other emergencies, he always argues with us that yes he CAN beat up the bad guy and/or pull Max off the bottom of the deep end (I just realized how morbid we are!). In fact, he argues with us about EVERY.THIN.G. Usually his argument consists of a) he knows more than us and/or b) he can do more than we think he can. In his mind, there is nothing this stubborn, confident little dude can't do. 

So, at his birthday party, he wanted to decorate his own cake--and cookies, too, he decided. I'm a little OCD and the cake and cookies have always kinda been my baby, so it wasn't easy for me to let go. First, I had him do the design and told him I would execute it. He plan involved a detailed diagram of the cake - blue frosting, then "a layer of golden sugar and then ANOTHER layer of blue frosting so you can't see the golden sugar, then the Hero Factory H on top with golden icing and then everyone will bite into the cake and be like, 'What! There's even more sugar inside!'" I had to nix the golden sugar, but I told him I could do the H logo. Then, on the day of the party, he decided he wanted to frost it.

This is what he was going for, but he wanted lightning bolts coming out the side.


This is what he piped.

Nailed it.

This boy may not be a cake boss (yet - he's got a pretty good start, though), but I love that he believes he can do anything. And if he'll tack on "with Christ" to that belief, he'll be right!