Saturday, May 25, 2013

Exercise Chore Chart

I love all those adorable little chore charts you find on Pinterest. And we use magnets for picking up rooms before bed. But I've started my own little magnet system for something that has become like a chore for me: exercise.

It's pretty simple. I assigned letters to the activities I wanted to accomplish in a week: jog, walk, arms, legs, belly ("a" for abs was already taken by arms). I glued magnets on the back of scrabble letters, popped them on my fridge and voila! Chore magnets for fattie. I just slide a magnet over to one side when I've done an activity. Their presence on the fridge reminds me to take time out for the "chore," and the sliding gives me a feeling of accomplishment. Plus, they're Scrabble tiles which I've always thought are cute!

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