Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Craft Nook: The Whole Shebang!

I was gonna do a post on how I designed and installed shelves in my craft nook all by my lonesome, but, really, who wants to see all the details? I used some wood. I painted it. I used a level and other impressive-sounding tools to install them. It took for-e-ver, and now it's done and I love it. The end. Wanna see?

Click on the links for details on how to make the storage containers, decoupaged boxes, pallet desk, crib chalkboard easel, and crib springs bulletin board.

The kicker? The whole shebang only cost $122!!

   Corbels                      $ 34
   1x2" Support wood   $ 19
   1x12" shelf                $  9
   1x8" shelves              $ 14
   Paint, screws             on hand

   2 spindles               $10
   1x8" boards            $15
   1x12" board           $ 11
   1x2" apron wood   $ 2
   Mending plates        Can't remember, but they were pennies each
   Pallets                     FREE
   paint, screws, stain  on hand

   chalkboard contact paper     $ 8

GRAND TOTAL - PRETTY STINKIN' GOOD!!  (Unless, of course, you count the labor... But I thoroughly enjoyed most of the man-hours it took, so I don't count it!)

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Deborah Raney said...

Just LOVE it! And love that you did it with your bare hands! I'm impressed!

Kim Jones said...

Totally impressed! I love the open shelving. If you are like me you have so much stuff you forget what you have! This space is perfect and I am sure that like most things you love it even more because your hands built it! Thanks for showing off your space at the Hunt & Host Home Tour Link Up!

Tobi said...

Thanks, Kim! You're right about loving things more if you have a hand in it yourself! I've really enjoyed seeing what YOUR hands have built!