Thursday, May 30, 2013

Zumba Madness

Due to an expected schedule whack out, I didn't get to go on my morning jog yesterday. I've been on an exercise roll lately, so I decided after the boys went to bed, I'd do an alternative form of exercise. I asked Ryan if he wanted to do a Kinect workout with me (now, get your mind outta the gutter!) He quickly opted for hunting instead, thinking I wanted to do the Zumba dance game. Um, no. I've done the Zumba tape enough (once) to know that I won't do it in front of the hubs. Here are a few reasons why:

- I'm a total klutz! Just when I start to feel like I'm sort of in the groove and might look kind of coordinated, they change to some new ungodly move and I'm totally lost again.
- When I caught the boys spying on me from their bedroom, they got in BIG TIME trouble--not because they should be sleeping, but because NO ONE needs to see me flopping around like a freshly caught fish.
- I sweat like a pig! The girl on the screen is rockin' her hotness in a hoodie, those cute knicker sweats, and a jaunty cab driver hat. I would have ended up in my skivies if it weren't for my unhealthy fear of peeping Toms and web cam hackers.
- The "encouraging comments"from the game aren't so encouraging. "Move those hips?!" I can't even get my FEET to do what hers are doing. The hips are on a whole other level!
- If Ryan sees me like this, he may never want to kinect with me again!


Deborah Raney said...

Oh, my goodness. ROFLOL on this Saturday morning.

Deborah Raney said...

Er, I mean SUNDAY morning!

Jenica Raney said...

Oh my gosh, this is so funny!!! Totally want to Zumba with you now. Maybe we need to get your mother and other sister involved as well. ;)