Friday, May 24, 2013

Weed Whackers

We've been in the dirt all week. Planting:

Attacking weeds (oh the battle analogies I've heard...):

Using up all our accumulated feed bags as weed blockers.


Then covering the whole mess with straw to keep in moisture and deter weeds.

These boys have been hard at work. And Mama too. I don't know what's more challenging - 15 wheel barrow rides uphill to the straw pile or keeping Max from stepping on the "good plants."

I paid my little child laborers in popsicles and stories on the porch swing after each work day. They haven't quit and I haven't had to fire anyone yet, although I've been pretty lax on the youngest employee - he earns his popsicles mainly by test driving the company tricycle and doing this for Daddy:

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