Friday, May 3, 2013

Studmuffin Update

Eat your heart out, ladies. (It's gotta be the snaggle tooth...)
We have quite the little ladies' man in the hiz-ouse! Tonight, when the phone rang for Mr. Popular, it was a girl. Ryan executed the perfect block move: "Well, let me see if he's still eating. Reed, are you finished?...Sorry, he's still eating supper, can I take a message?...ok... Umm, I'll tell him, but I'm not sure if he can do that or not. And who is this? A? Ok, A, I'll let him know." As soon as the name came out of Ryan's mouth, three sets of eyes widened, and Reed was running down the hall to hide in our bed (super-sneaky hiding place, dude. Especially when you go there every time.)  Calvin chased him down for moral support, but not his parents. Nope. We barely waited for the beep of the phone before I began my, "Whoo0ooOoooO, Aleeee-xis!" and Daddy started one of his loud, slightly (or incredibly, depending on your mood) obnoxious laughs. Reed tried to hide his smirk when he came back to endure the ribbing. I told him he better thank his Daddy for running block for him. I have a feeling I'm gonna have to be shutting down some little girls myself if this keeps up...

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