Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm Thinking of...

We started a new game in the car. It started with “I Spy,” but the fact that we were moving faster than some of us could guess necessitated a switch to “I’m Thinking of…” Reed was pretty good at giving clues – “I’m thinking of something lion-y,” but if we guessed too fast, we’d be reprimanded – “Stop arrupting me!” We’ve created a monster, though. Every time we get in the car now, Reed says, “Let’s think of an animal!” Today he was trying to get us to guess an animal that starts with an “h,” is pink and blue and white (and later it morphed to red and black), has slimy skin, is big, and has claws that will get you. Every time we tried to get him to tell us what it was, he’d say, “No! Don’t give up!” Finally, he revealed that it was a lizard. I’m guessing it was the “himaginary lizard.”

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lovin' Summer!

I told Ryan this may have been the best week of my life, with possible competition from our honeymoon. We only had one week of summer before we had to go back to work for a month (summer school, class, grant trip to New Orleans), but man, we made the best of it! We took the boys fishing for the first time (Reed caught three fish--more than I’ve caught in a lifetime).We went camping in Jim and Janice’s back yard – roasted hot dogs and marshmallows in a fire pit and slept in our tent. We tried out our new bikes and pull-behind trailer for several rides. We cleaned out the garage, making room for a vehicle in there for the first time in years. And we filled that spot with a new truck – four-door for easier kiddo access. We’re back to the grind (although summer school is much more relaxed) for a few more weeks, but already I’m excited about the possibilities for July!