Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Move Over, Bisquick

We went through a phase where we had “brinner” every Sunday night. This phase just so happened to coincide with my, “I’m going to make every product we use from scratch” phase. I got tired of buying a box of pancake mix every time we went to the store, so I searched online and found a recipe for all-purpose baking mix. After enduring streaky dishes from my homemade dish detergent and getting fed up with hand grating boxes of soap for laundry detergent, I got over the Little House on the Prairie phase.  I never outgrew my baking mix, though. In fact, I was near tears this week when I couldn’t find the recipe. I looked everywhere in my house, then ventured onto the world wide web only to find mini versions of it. I bust my hind end about three or four times a year and make a gargantuan batch. I found this smaller version for anyone who wants to test the waters, but I recommend the buttload recipe, which was in my recipe box the whole time. Nice going, Ma!

Baking Mix for lightweights

            8 c flour
            2 T baking powder
            1 T salt
            2 t cream of tartar
            1 t baking soda
            2 c dry nonfat milk
            2 c shortening

Buttload o’ Baking Mix

            5 lb flour (I mix white and whole wheat)
            ¾ c baking powder
            3 T salt
            1 T cream of tartar
            ½ c sugar
            4 c dry milk powder
            2 lb shortening

-          Sift dry ingredients (not milk powder) three times. I don’t even know what a sifter is supposed to look like, so I just use a colander and a beater. Seems to work fine.


-          Cut in shortening to consistency of corn meal.

-          Stir in milk powder

-          Store in airtight container. I put half in a cute container in the pantry and half in an ice cream bucket in the freezer.

Here’s the great part. You can make all these things with the mix. I keep all these recipes on a card taped to my pantry container. 

            1 ½ c mix
1 c milk          
            1 egg

            1 ½ c mix
            1/3 c milk
-          Bake 10 mn at 400 degrees (drop or rolled and cut)

1 ½ c mix

2 T sugar (I usually dump in more)
1 egg
½ t salt
¾ c cornmeal
¾ c milk

-          Bake 20-25 mn at 400 degrees

Coffee Cake
            2 ¼ c mix
            1/3 c milk
            1 egg
            ¼ c sugar

-          Pour into 8” pan
-          Sprinkle on ½ c brown sugar, 3 T butter, ½ t cinnamon
-          Bake 25 mn at 375 degrees

            3 c mix
            1 c milk
            1 egg
            2 T sugar (tried these once – needed waaaaay more sugar)

-          Bake 20 mn at 425 degrees

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Deborah Raney said...

I've had several of your baking mix products and they are DELISH! Maybe you can talk me through making a batch when you're here in June! Your dad would be so happy!