Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Public Apology

I started to compose a private message on facebook to the four people who would be visiting my house this weekend in my absence. I wanted to apologize for the fact that they will need a machete to get through the lawn. Then, I realized that I owed my neighbors an explanation as well. You see, while we were home during daylight hours on Sunday and again today, it rained both of those days and, so, our grass has not been mowed in two and a half weeks. Yes, like all responsible homeowners, we turned our sheep loose in the yard to help the issue, but judging by the looks of things, they are doing just as much fertilizing as they are eating.

You see, we have been runningnonstopforthelastthreemonthswithbarelyaminutetobreathe. Ryan and I have been coaching track together, which has been AMAZING! But baseball season just started as well, so Ryan is coaching/helping coach four teams. One is made up primarily of four year olds and one is made up of teenage boys and girls. 'Nuff said. We've eaten supper at home about as often as the boys have showered (I'll let you guess the number). I bought yet another set of sheets because it was physically impossible to keep up with the bed wetter. Last night, Max rolled up to the ball fields stylin' in clothes from Mrs. Pam's "orphan box."  I don't remember what the bottom of our trunk, sink, laundry basket, or coffee table looks like. In fact, there could be a small child hiding under any one of those aforementioned piles and I wouldn't even know it.

But, glory hallelujah, school's out for summer! It's been an awesome year, but I must say I've never been more happy to say the "s" word! It is 4:30 and we are home! There is no practice or game tonight (a minor miracle!) I have big plans to hide the junk and chisel the toilets clean straighten up the house, but here I sit typing this post, so we'll see.

I guess what I'm saying is, please don't judge the Layton book by its sticky, water-damaged, torn cover! Our sink may be overflowing, but so is our life right now. Come back and judge us in a week, after we've all had a chance to be home together for awhile... Actually, on second thought, let's not do that. You can come check out our house and yard in roughly 14 years. It'll be lookin' good then.

Monday, May 11, 2015

1 Corinthians 13 - the Queen Tobi version

And now I will show you the most excellent way. If I teach the most eloquent lessons, but have not love for my students, I am only a resounding school bell. If I go over a hurdle with perfect form and do box jumps on the top box without embarrassingly bruising the heck out of both shins (hypothetical situation, of course), but have not love for my athletes, I am nothing. If my house is spotless and my meals gourmet, but have not love for my husband and kids, I gain nothing.

Love is patient when shoes are missing. Love is kind, even when it really doesn’t care what Optimus Prime did in chapter three. It does not envy prettier, more tan women. It does not brag about how much more it does around the house than its husband. It is not too proud to look silly in front of others. It is not rude to annoying children. It is not self-seeking when it JUST WANTS TO BE ALONE! It is not easily angered by needy children and husbands’ rogue dirty laundry. It doesn’t keep track of how many times said laundry has been left out. Love does not delight in juicy gossip, but rejoices with righteousness. It always protects its family and the dignity of others, it always trusts God to handle every situation, it always hopes for the best for others, it always perseveres, even when it is bone-dog tired and up to “here.”

Love never fails.