Monday, April 29, 2013

Potty Memories

Like the duct tape? No diaper wasted around here, Baby!

This little munchkin peed on the potty tonight. It was two tiny driblets, but I'm still counting it as a step closer to NO MORE DIAPERS EVAH!!!! When his brothers heard me squeal and clap, they ran into the bathroom clapping, did the "potty dance" and made up little songs to cheer their baby brother on. Sweet, huh?

Well, it would be if it weren't for this little known information. There is a jar of candy on the back of the toilet (appetizing, huh?). Max gets a piece every time he sits on the potty. To appease the bigguns, I told Reed and Calvin they could get a piece when his toilet experience is productive. Considering he's been sitting on the potty for months now and we've yet to experience anything other than a toot, a couple of accidental dribbles, and a turd falling out of a diaper, I didn't feel like the candy stash was in jeopardy. But if big brother cheer leading is effective, this boy'll  be fully trained in no time. The whole experience takes me down memory lane...

- Finally figured out how to open the valve on the potty seat. Made a big production of dumping it in the toilet and flushing it down. Repeated the whole process with ever-decreasing amounts of urine. Eleven times. In a row.
- Regressed and didn't want to sit on potty after awhile. Put him in undies, let him wet himself one time, and he's been dry ever since.

- Spent HOURS sitting on the potty reading a book about bears, cats, wolves, and monkeys. Homeboy had an impressive knowledge of species ("speck-ackled bear," "asiaaatic bear," "tarseeeir," "nooo - that's a macaque").
- Went on potty strike until we resorted to bribery. Placed a jar of "Starbur" in the bathroom. Let Reed have one every time Calvin did. Heard lots of, "Calvin, do you want to go paaah-tee?!"
- Finally had his big moment. We caught it on film. Cutest ever. He sat there with a look of concentration, then would start a high-pitched inhalation squeal-type sound, clap, and dance on the potty seat while big brother danced in the remaining 1 square foot of bathroom space (Ah, the circle of life...)

- Super interested at 18 months. Total disinterest after second birthday.
- Resorted to bribery. Still depends on the mood.
- No potty epiphany yet. Tonights dribble was a total accident and was followed by, "It's all gone! I can't! I get a candy!"

In case you're wondering... Heck yes, I get a candy every time they try. If reading the same book a bajillion times a day and maintaining enthusiasm through the eleventh round of the potty dance doesn't deserve a treat, I don't know what does!

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Deborah Raney said...

Cousin Brynn has a potty movie! All done in a nice British accent. Lots of talk about going "numbah tew." I'm so so so glad all MY kids are potty trained! ;)