Wednesday, March 12, 2014

H2C: Supper 911

Fine'. This is the end of a series about "How to Cook When it's Already Time to Eat." 

Even the best laid plans go wrong. I can't count the number of times I've forgotten to thaw hamburger or take out a lasagna or start the Crock-pot. But here are some emergency supper ideas that take just minutes:

- Frozen pizza, taquitos, burritos, nuggets etc.
- Voila! bag meals
- Frozen tilapia or other individually-packed filets - thaw in warm water for a few minutes; sprinkle with seasonings and it only takes 10-15 mn to bake!
- Buy hamburgers or tacos at a fast food joint and provide your own sides from the pantry
- PBJ (the boys love these nights)
- Snack food (you'll be deemed a master chef if your munchkins are like mine!)
- Big 'ol can of soup
- Tuna salad sandwiches
- Grilled cheese with tomato soup
- Hot dogs (keep them in the freezer and nuke)
- Pizza Quesadillas (cheese, lunch meat or pepperoni, and spaghetti sauce in a tortilla - grill in skillet until cheese melts)

That's it. That's all I got. And even with all these strategies, it can still be a jungle around here at suppertime. But at least the monkeys are usually well-fed.

For 7 more tips, follow the links at How to Cook When it's Already Time to Eat.

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