Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ponytails it is...

We've been celebrating snow days #21-25 this week. So, it goes without saying that we've been living in our jammies. But Saturday I got fancy and did my hair AND my make-up AND got dressed in something other than a hoodie. I was feeling pretty good about myself....until Max crawled on my lap and said, "I think you don't look good." I questioned him a bit and determined that he did, in fact, think I looked ugly at the moment. He saw the runner's magazine I was reading (because I'm such an avid runner, of course) and pointed to this blonde and said, "I wished you looked like dis girl."

Me too, Buddy, me too. Probably not gonna happen in this lifetime, but thanks for utterly destroying my self-esteem.

I was feeling pretty crappy, when I considered what I've looked like all week and a ray of hope shined down on me. I went for it. I pulled my hair into a pony tail with my fingers and asked him if he thought I looked good now. His face lit up, like "THERE'S my mommy!" and he told me that I did look good now. Men!

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