Sunday, March 2, 2014


Ok, this is super late but I have to write it down just for my own sake. Because someday (probably soon, given my memory), I'm going to forget what Max was like at this age. And he's stinkin' cute, so it needs to be preserved.

Max turned three a few weeks ago. Here's what little man has been up to lately:

- He bounces everywhere he goes, usually narrating his actions.
- He cries -- and, thankfully, dries it up -- very quickly.  A typical (and very exhausting) conversation goes like this:
       Mom: Do you want to juice up your toothbrush, or do you want me to?
       Max:  Wah wah! I want to go potty first!
       Mom: Then what do you say?
       Max: (in chipper voice) Can I please go potty first?
       Mom: Sure!
       Max: Ok! I'm going to go potty and den brush my teeth. Wah wah! I want to juice my toothbrush!
- He's coined a new phrase: "Tada Moose." We really have no idea where it came from or what it means, but he uses it frequently in a variety of unrelated ways.
- He does this thing with his cheeks/lips/eyes when he gets happy-serious that I can't explain or impersonate (or catch on camera, dangit) that is absolutely adorable and makes him seem so grown up.
- He loves starting pretend sword fights and wrestling matches, but he hates it when his brothers fight back. He'll come crying to me for protection, then go right back to picking another battle.
- He doesn't usually like main dishes. He takes for-e-ver to finish a meal, but insist on finishing it (usually) if dessert is being served.
- He still sits down to pee.
- Every night, he pretends like he doesn't want a good night hug and kiss, expects me to fake cry about it, then relents. Then he insists on a regular hug and kiss followed by a bonus and then Tada Moose hug and kiss.

We had his birthday party last weekend. It was a gorgeous sixty degree day, so in true redneck fashion, we did what we did at his two-year birthday party: we shot skeet. Max shot a bb gun for the first time. Reed and Calvin shot a shotgun. My babies are growing up! Wah wah!

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