Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sharing Momma's Addiction

If you follow me on Pinterest, I'd like to apologize for the recent action on my account. No, I haven't been pinning huge stallion tattoos on my Sunday school board (true story with a lesson learned - don't forget to log off of public computers). But you may think I have a secret Batman obsession. Nope. That would be my boys. You see, I turned the boys loose on Pinterest. They wanted to pin the Lego results that wowed them, and I just couldn't let their annoying pins interfere with the cute parenting ideas I've curated in my "kiddo board." So I gave them their own board: titled Stupid Boy Stuff. They were offended by the title, but it didn't stop them from using it. Fortunately for me, and anyone who follows me, they weren't really listening when I gave pinning instructions. So, only the last eight dumb things they admired actually made it to the board, after I stupidly repeated the directions. So, if you love Legos and superheroes, feel free to follow the board, otherwise, do what I do to people's cleaning hints and paleo diet boards and click "unfollow."


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