Saturday, August 3, 2013

Clothing Optional

As I look at past blog posts and reminisce, it occurs to me that our boys rarely have actual clothes on. They're either in jammies, shirtless, or wearing nothing but their skivvies. In fact, just for fun I went back and labeled all posts illustrating this phenomenon with "clothing optional." Click on the link to this and at the time I type this there are 24 such posts.

So, since I choose to post pictures for the world to see of my kids looking like they live in a third world country, maybe I owe an explanation for why my children are hardly ever fully dressed. Here it is:

- Cuts down on laundry
- No tan lines
- We're just going to strip down to play in the slip-n-slide anyway
- We've got tight little abs to show off
- Stains come out of skin easier than clothing
- It's easier to do tick checks.
- We have to wear clothes to school and day care 5 WHOLE days a week for 9 WHOLE months! Isn't that enough?
- We can chase each other faster without the wind resistance of shorts and/or shirts
- Calvin doesn't have to worry about matching or getting stuff on inside out, backwards, or upside down
- It takes a whole week of near-nakedness to recover from being forced to wear fancy clothes on Sunday (fancy clothes = polo shirts and jean shorts with tennis shoes - pretty high-falutin, I know)

As for me, I just wear T-shirts and shorts for 24-36 hour time periods. I'm assuming you figured out that this list didn't apply to me after reading the fourth item.

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Deborah Raney said...

One other explanation: you live a thousand miles from civilization, so who cares?!