Thursday, August 15, 2013

Big Day

 Today was a big day for the Layton fam. Reed, Calvin, and Mommy started school. Reed was a little apprehensive about the year. But after one day with Mrs. Nash, he reported, "I think 2nd grade is gonna be my favorite year!" I could tell that Calvin, normally Mr. Fearless, was a little nervous too. But where Reed wanted to hash out every detail of his emotions and their probable causes, Calvin didn't really talk much. There was just something about his body language that Momma Bear could pick up on. That tugged at my heartstrings, just like it did when he reported for kindergarten screening a few short months ago. But he headed to his classroom like a trooper, and apparently was past the jittery stage by lunchtime, when I waited half my lunch period outside to give him a reassuring hug on his way to recess. He tromped right past me and didn't even hear when I called his name (or he's already really good at mom avoidance). He was running in a silly monster or villain-type mode, so I was pretty sure I had nothing to worry about!

After school, I let the boys tell all about their day. Reed could hardly stand to wait through Calvin's short report before he told me every. single. thing. that happened during his day. Calvin's report? "OK. Lunch was GREAT! We had this big circle chicken nugget...and a sandwich that it was on (chicken patty sandwich - be still my heart!) ...and three carrot sticks...and yogurt...and chocolate milk!" And that was pretty much the extent of it, other than what he had told me earlier when I caught him really quickly after school, "I didn't get in trouble at ALL!" and proceeded to tell me all about the two boys who did get in trouble. He also had to visit the nurse and talked to the principal, but all over a playground crash and burn that didn't even get a mention until he was putting a fresh band-aid on at home.

Momma had a great day, too. Other than some barely-disguised tears when I dropped my baby off ALONE at day care (and he got a little clingy), and a couple choke-ups over my fearless five-year-old, the day was minimally emotional and waaaaay more calm than my last year's class (Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Amen!)

And Max? Well, he went almost accident free in undies all day! Which may be the best news of all!


Sharon Simmers said...

NO!! Not my baby Calvin!!! I was so hoping I had another year. :( These boys are growing way too quickly for me! Glad you guys had an awesome first day!!

Deborah Raney said...

So glad to hear the day went great! I was thinking about you all!