Sunday, August 11, 2013

One Expensive Car Wash

We have a cooler full of Capri Suns sitting on our porch. It's leftover from a church event a week ago.  We were at the right place at the right time, and the pastor sent them home with us. Max asked for one today when we were outside. I agreed, and helped him unwrap and insert the straw. Then, when Calvin came out and the two started spraying each other with water guns, I decided to make my escape and start supper. I peeked out the window a few times to make sure they were ok, and everything seemed fine. Max was still happily nursing a Capri Sun and the two were getting each other wet. 

When I decided to run to the shed for something real quick, I found several straw wrappers on the ground. That seemed weird. And the cooler seemed really low. My first suspicion was that Max had guzzled juice box after juice box, but that didn't add up. He can't do the straw by himself. The I saw Calvin, perched up in our grape arbor, chomping on grapes, surrounded by about a dozen pieces of silver litter on the ground beneath him. Here's the conversation that followed:

M: Calvin! How many Capri Suns did you drink? 
C: None  (said a little too sweetly)
M: Why are there juice pouches all over the ground. (no answer) Did you open them for Max? (no answer) 

At this point, I notice that they all have straws in them, and their mostly twisted up, empty. The water guns are on the porch, and Max is still dripping wet. I know my son too well. 

M: Did you spray Max with them?
C: ...(long pause) Not just Max...
M: What else did you spray?
C: Dad's truck, to wash it. 

I'm sure glad that boy starts school this week. Just please pray for his teacher!

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