Monday, August 19, 2013

Sweet Nothings by Max

My baby was extra sweet yesterday. A few highlights:

- When he saw me crying (stupid emotional moment), he moved over by me and said, "I will get you better," gave me a hug, and then said, "You're cute." Yep, got me better.
- After a brothers faux-hawk extravaganza, he was feeling his hair and realized his gel had went flat, "But you didn't give me a cream mohawk, Mommy."


- When he ran into my bruised knee (old klutzy lady softball injury) and I winced in pain, he repeated the, "I will get you better" move, complete with hug and, this time, "You're sweet."

And it's a good thing he banked all those cutey-popper moments, because today he threw a jumping-bean tantrum when I picked him up at Mrs. Pam's and had three "askidents" in his undies--two pees--both 10 minutes after a successful potty draining--and one poop event resembling that of a goat. Let's hope this roller coaster reverses itself tomorrow...

1 comment:

Jenica Raney said...

What a sweetheart that boy is!! Love him!!

On a side note, what I would give for goat pellet accidents right now. All I get is the mushy stuff. Bleh! :P