Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Just Another Day...


- When I dropped my students off for art class, the teacher greeted me with "So... Calvin's fun!" It was meant as a compliment, not an opening line for a bad report like I assumed. Whew! Nine days into the year and no bad reports (on Calvin - I know every evil deed that occurs in his classroom, though, thanks to my proud little informant. The day he fails to give a run-down of who got in trouble is the day I'll ask his teacher how he's doing.)

- Calvin has learned how to roll his eyes. He used the skill on his brothers at least twice on the way home from school. I gave a lecture about respect, to which he responded, "But I LIKE to roll my eyes." (cue Mommy eye roll)

- Calvin and Reed struck a bargain that made my teacher-heart proud. Calvin agreed to let Reed color his coloring page if Reed would pay up by reading "half of the Pig Pancake story" out loud to him. He happily read a few pages, until Calvin cut him off with, "That's enough."

- Max had another accident-free day! That makes four in the last week! I'm seeing the light at the end of the diapered tunnel! (Though I have a feeling I'll still be stuck in the Good Nights tunnel for quite some time...)

- The boys decided to have a big wrestling/boxing/Mixed Martial Arts/free-for-all match. Calvin won, because he's "had the hiccups, and Mrs. Payne says her mom used to think that makes you grow." (?) Then, they decided to train for a rematch. Calvin asked me over and over for new "extra-cises" to do to "get stronger." They were pumping baby iron, doing sit-ups,  jogging laps, and doing squat jumps in preparation for the big fight. Then, they forgot about the rematch and ended up playing Legos.

- Someone other than me had to hose off the concrete. The mess was due, not to chicken transgressions, but to their own. Lesson learned? Don't try to pee on puppies, especially if they run onto the porch.

Just another day in mi vida loca.

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Deborah Raney said...

I can hardly wait to spend a day or two in your vida loca! October! We miss you!!!