Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fashion Advice From Calvin

Overflowing baskets of unfolded laundry revealed something I never would've guessed about my son. He does put thought into what he wears. Calvin couldn't find undies, so I dug him out a pair of Wolverinies from the mountain. He quickly rejected them because, "I only wear those with my Mario jammies." What?! This, from the boy who never cares about what he's wearing. At. All. He always has something a) inside out, b) backwards, c) mismatched, or d) all of the above (The correct answer is usually d). I asked him to explain his reasoning. Apparently, the Wolverine undies are his favs, as are the Mario jammies. They're rarely all clean at the same time, so he tries to wait for that magical moment. The next night, the planets were aligned. Mario shirt? Check. Mario pants? Too short, but check. Wolverine skivvies? Check. He donned the whole shebang, and then looked so stinkin' cute I made him pose for this picture:

In true Calvin style, he had to do his own pose.

Then, Reed wanted in on the action, so he dug up his favorite jammies.

I'd say my kids don't always look like orphans, but that would be a lie.


Erin said...

I love Reed's shirt! Honestly, their pajamas look pretty good to me but I don't place high priority on the condition of our sleep wear in this house. Jack sleeps in white undershirts that are two sizes too small and covered in frozen blueberry juice stains (his fav)and his undies. Connor is a little more up-scale, but not much. He sleeps in Jack's hand-me-down t-shirts and pants that are now all high waters. Maybe it is time we invest in some pajamas that at least fit around here!

Tobi said...

Reed is in LOVE with that shirt. It started b/c it was so soft, but the rattier it gets it's become a joke between us. He tries to bust it out for school, church, you name it, just to get my goat. I want to throw it out SO badly, but I don't have the heart.