Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Birds and Bees Already?

Spending a few weeks with girl cousins brought up some questions for which I was not prepared. I think I'm gonna buy a book for the next encounter, because me answering sex questions on the fly? Not so good.

The first incident wasn't terrible, but I wish there was a female equivalent for the nickname pee pee. Because when Reed asked me what girls' "not pee pee's" are called all I had was the real name. Yep. Busted the V word out on a seven-year-old, who of course giggled and repeated it to the five-year-old. Can't wait to hear where that one resurfaces...

The next question, I tried to dodge, unsuccessfully, I might add. A discussion about marriage and divorce and custody went south, when the boys deduced that people can have children outside of wedlock. That baffled them, because the party line has always been, "When you're in college, meet a good girl who loves Jesus, marry her, and give me lots of grandbabies." College. Marriage. Babies. In that order. "So, how can you have a baby without marrying?" was the inevitable question. I actually pulled the, "It's getting pretty late, so why don't you ask me again in the morning and we can talk about it then, ok?" dodge. Did they forget like I hoped? Nope. And I had not prepared a response, so this is the nonsense that tumbled out. "Well, you know how animals mate? Well, humans sorta do that too, only it's more special for people. God wants to you be married, but some people don't wait. I'll tell you more about it when you get older." The end. And please don't ever ask me questions like this ever again, because I am clearly unqualified to answer them.

But I know this one's coming: Do you and Daddy mate?


Deborah Raney said...

Oh, my goodness! Dad and I are laughing so hard! Please keep us posted on the progress of this fascinating running conversation. :)

Beth said...

Don't you know? a "not-pee-pee" is called a tahtah. Duh.