Friday, July 5, 2013

Camping in Legos

For the Fourth of July, we camped at a friend of the family's awesome place. Apparently, when they sold the family farm, they kept a portion of land for a family gathering spot. Since then, they've built a pavilion, dock, diving board and shower house on the property. They already have part of a water slide they intend to build. Ryan and I talked on the way home, and hope we can do something like this for our boys and their families. We asked the boys what they thought about that idea. Calvin was pretty confused by the whole "your wife and kids" part of the idea. When I explained that he would be an adult, he said, "I would like it if we had it while we were kids." I told him that probably wouldn't be financially possible for several years. To which he replied, "I wanna get eight and then stay that old forever." Me too, buddy. 

When we got home, we were greeted by a new issue of Lego magazine. The building contest for this month was a summer fun scene. So instead of showing pictures of our camping trip, I thought I'd let Reed and Calvin's creation tell the tale:

We jumped off the dock a bajillion times. Uncle Paul jumped off the diving board. Max jumped to Mommy, who apparently has black hair. 

Calvin made a big splash when he did a cannon ball. 

Grandma and Great-Aunt Sue sat and talked, as did Great-Uncle Roy (who looks very much like our blueberry-picking buddy). There was a campfire. And a barrel full of apples surrounded by cups. (?) Also, Daddy picked carrots. (OK, the apples and carrots totally didn't happen, but they were inspired by our apple tree and garden at home)

 While this was all going on, Grandpa fished, while wearing a sweet skeleton shirt.

It was a great experience. And now, for Mimi, some real pics:

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Deborah Raney said...

For some reason, I'm just now seeing this! That looks like an awesome spot! Fun! And loved Calvin's "get to eight" comment. Does he realize when he gets to eight, Reed will get to ten?? ;)