Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sucking Up My Jog

When I announced I was going on my morning jog Friday, Reed asked if he could go along. I reluctantly agreed. I've been meaning to take them on a walk ever since I smelled the honeysuckle blooming, but I didn't really want to give up the peace and quiet that starts my day. Oh well. When Calvin heard about the honeysuckle, he opted to join us, so of course Max came along too.

We started off great. The big boys ran ahead so quickly that I decided to go ahead and jog, too. I learned then that jogging with a stroller uphill really adds intensity to the workout. And then we hit the first patch of honeysuckle and it was all downhill from there. Only in a bad way.

We had to stop at each and every separate plant (the stuff rivals Kudzu in taking over a roadside) to compare flavors.

We had to fill Max's snack cup with morsels to take home for later. We traveled like 15 feet per hour! All this over a tiny drip of watered down nectar?! At first I thought it was cute. They were so excited, acting like they were visiting the dessert bar at Ryan's Steakhouse.  We went as far as "our" bridge, where we played Pooh sticks and threw rocks.

But I was soon annoyed that I was getting no exercise and we were moving nowhere. Also, the more excited my kids get, the louder and more they talk. This was far from sweet silence to clear my head in the morning. But set aside the morning grogginess and I had to admit, it was pretty sweet in its own way. Next time, I'll just make sure to take them AFTER the butt crack of dawn.

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Deborah Raney said...

I remember that walk! And that noise. It's a WONDERFUL sound when you're a Mimi who lives far, far away. Not so much when you're the mama who lives RIGHT there. :)