Monday, June 10, 2013

Stripping Veneer

To whomever glued the veneer on my junk store dresser all those years ago:

I would like to commend you for a job well done. When I first ripped off the veneer from the drawer and top of the dresser, I thought your shoddy workmanship was going to make my life easy. But I gotta hand it to you, you really brought your "A game" on those sides. After I realized you had 'em locked down tight, I consulted the Internet. Steam iron? Tried it (and melted the fake veneer to my iron). Hair dryer? Yup. Vinegar and time. Uh huh. I didn't have a guitar string, but I did rock the putty knife. In fact, you did your job so well that I was scraping millimeter by tiny millimeter off in the porch light, battling gnats, mosquitos, and dancing bugs, until midnight, when my other half came home from coon hunting and made me stop. I worked on it again this morning and finally just let the sander take the last little bit off. Yep, you really got 'er did.

It's not the dresser he's excited about - it's the huge mud ball we let him bring back from Reed's ball practice!

P.S. I would also like to apologize for the names that I called you, your masterpiece, and your mama during my work time. I usually don't talk like that...

P.P.S. It's stripped and the first coat is painted black, and it looks way better without that stupid veneer you put on anyway, so HA!

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