Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rough Day

We're climbing the walls around here today.


First, I woke up the boys (instead of the usual other way around) and made them wear actual clothes. Then, I had to shower (a cold one - more on that in a minute) AND get dressed AND put on make-up. All of these things happen in the summer, but rarely all on the same day and never before 7 a.m. They headed to day care and I headed to a teacher conference. All good, right? Sure, but when we got home, holy hellaciousness!  We had exactly 35 mn to make supper, eat, and load up drinks, ball gear, and team snacks so we could head to the second of four baseball games this week. 

Ryan had had a less-than-stellar day repairing our water heater (three times!) so he was not his usual jovial self. To top it all off, throughout this crazy process and all during Reed's game, Small Child was a crankapotamous to the max (pun intended). After an evening of spankins, time outs, and ignoring tears, I had to carry out a threat I made: no snack after the game if you hit me again. "No! I punch you!" Max said, and then he did. 

So when snacks came out, he snuck in there with the players and little kids (Since Calvin's first experience with T-ball snacks, we always bring extra for siblings when it's our turn). Max grabbed himself a juice box and bag of graham crackers and gave me the sweetest smile and "Thank you." It was all I could do to take that snack away, but I firmly believe you HAVE to make good on threats (even if they were really stupid ones in the first place). So I reminded him of his knuckle sandwich from just a few minutes earlier and gently confiscated the snack. Let's just say the walk to the truck was long, loud, and full of stares. 

Somehow, though, we muddled through baths and bed time and now they're all sleeping like sweet little angels in their hammocks (Reed and Calvin have taken to hanging comforters from the top bunk and sleeping inside the fold.)  Ahhhh, summer...

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