Sunday, May 20, 2012


T-ball is in full swing again. This time, Calvin joined Reed on the team. Last summer Calvin sorta watched wistfully as Reed went to his first practice. He didn’t really seem too jealous, just quiet. That is, until the best part of T-ball—the post-practice snack and juice box. Then, he felt really left out. He held it together pretty well, considering his personality, but he teared up on the way to the car, and burst out when he was out of other-kid range. I explained that next year, he’d get to play Tball and wear a Dodgers hat and run the bases, yada, yada. He sniffed, smiled, and said, “Will I get a granola bar and a juice box, too?!” Once he had the snack “in the bag” he was good to go.

Fast forward (and man, it was fast!) to this summer, and we have two T-ballers… and Daddy is the coach! Reed and Calvin partnered up for the catch drill (and I use the term “catch” loosely). Reed was like a little coach to his brother. “Good one, Calvin!... You didn’t have you handcuffs ready. That’s why you didn’t catch that one.” Normally, Calvin would’ve argued or quit or kicked Reed, but he took it all in stride. At one point, they had their arms around each other in a huddle. I think Calvin was just so happy to be a big boy. At one point during a partner catch drill, he shouted, “Daddy! I caught one!” That that accomplishment was worthy of an announcement will give you an indicator of his current skill level… He was very good at “running like a bear was chasing him” around the bases. And the bear must’ve been chasing him to the juice boxes, too. He was the first one in line at the cooler. We had signed ourselves up for the first snack duty, and Ryan had picked out granola bars and juice boxes in order to fulfill our year-old promise to Calvin. All was right in the world.

Reed evaluated the coach after practice on the way to the van. “Daddy did a good job, dontcha think?” Daddy came to the van a little less perky and with a greater appreciation for kindergarten teachers. Calvin had to put his uniform (a T-shirt and hat) on in the car, then, struck a goofy-grinned pose and asked, “How do I look?” I didn’t have the heart to tell him that the hat wasn’t quite adjusted right and made him look like Howdy Doody. He was just so darn cute!

When we got home, the boys made a beeline for the trampoline. Ryan and I made a beeline for the porch swing. Calvin announced that he could jump higher in his uniform. I think he was right. Later, the boys joined me on the swing and we listed our favorite things from the day. Cake balls, trampoline, and T-ball all made the cut. Then it was off to the shower to wash off the filth. Calvin waited until the absolute last minute to take off his hat, walking around like a proud, butt-naked Dodger. The next morning, his hat was the first thing he put on. Then, he chastised me for not having his uniform shirt washed and dried already. It’s gonna be a long summer with those kinds of demands.

We went to the shoe store to fit Calvin with new cleats before the second practice. Then we had to explain to him why he couldn’t wear them home. Or the next morning. Or to the grocery store. He had to settle for suiting up for a backyard practice session, cleats, hat, and all. Of course, the cleats made him run faster. Too bad they didn’t make him catch more balls…

After the second practice, Reed and Calvin came happily tromping to the van juggling their Capri Sun, fruit roll-up, and cheese crackers. Max started fussing, “Dee! Dee! Bigh! Bigh!” The circle of life continues…

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