Thursday, July 12, 2012

Apple Chris

Our apple tree is going insane in the membrane this year. I have four 5-gallon buckets’ worth scattered around my kitchen counters (and floor) right now and there will probably be another bucketful to pick up tomorrow. But our first harvest only gleaned a grocery sack or two.  So, the boys and I were so excited to have enough for Calvin’s favorite: “apple chris.” I made one and we gobbled it up in a couple days. In those couple of days, the tree dropped  more treasures. At first I was being all Conservation Cathy and picking up every apple that was at all salvageable. Then one day, we filled a 5-gallon bucket, a grocery sack, AND my shirt with good apples. I decided from that point to get a little pickier about which apples were good and which were goat food. Calvin was worried, though, when I told him to throw slightly marred apples in the “bad” bucket. “But we might not have enough for another apple chris!” Check out the kitchen floor. I think we’re gonna be all right, bud…

Here’s the recipe. This is another one that I don’t really follow amounts on (such a kitchen rebel I’ve become!) because I don’t really think you can get it wrong.

Apple Crisp

-          Buttload of apples (I know where you can get some!)
-          Brown sugar
-          Cinnamon
-          Lemon juice or Fruit Fresh powder (it’s citric acid, I think)

Cut apples into thin slices. You can peel them, but I don’t bother. It takes half the time, is a little more nutrient-rich, and tastes just as good. I usually fill up my 8-cup measuring bowl with apples, but more or less works just as well. Sprinkle slices with Fruit Fresh or lemon juice periodically. Add a healthy scoop of brown sugar and some cinnamon to the apples and stir. Butter a pan and dump the apple mixture in. Top with a mixture of:

-          Flour
-          Sugar
-          Oatmeal
-          Butter, cut into mixture

The recipe I found calls for 1/3 cup of each powder. Weak! I put in a cup each. If I don’t, somebody will gripe that they didn’t get enough of the crunchy stuff and try to steal mine. I. Don't. Think. So. I also triple the butter amount from 4 to 12 tablespoons (Come to Mama!) I’m sure you could do with less if you want to be all healthy and stuff, but my chris will be better than yours, so there!

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