Monday, August 4, 2014


When I look back over my blog, I realize that squash has been a problem blessing in our household for many years. And, due to picky eaters, I've had to develop many ways to cleverly disguise it. There were the gold doubloons, the squash Parmesan, and several other ways to eat and/or get rid of this prolific vegetable. This summer, inspired by this pin,  I added squash pizza to my repertoire (we called them squizzas). The boys ate it, but they didn't love it. Then, I invented squachos. The concept is simple, shred yellow squash over chips, then cover with cheese and melt in the oven. Once you put salsa on top, you can't tell what's squash and what's cheese. See?

Genius, right? The boys munched happily and I mentally patted myself on the back. For about five minutes. Then, Reed said, "Wait a minute.... What's this?"

Foiled again...


- tortilla chips
- yellow squash
- yellow cheese (Colby Jack is the best disguise, since it's two-toned)
- salsa
- sour cream
- guacamole
- taco meat

1) Spread chips on a baking sheet.
2) Shred squash over chips. Shred cheese over that. 
3) Mix with your fingers to maximize the disguise.
4) Broil until cheese melts enough to cover any sign of squash.
5) Top with salsa and other nacho toppings.
6) Wait with bated breath to see how long it takes your kids to discover your dirty little secret. Hope that they get a little nutrition in before that inevitable moment.

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