Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bathroom Redo

Well, the crazy summer didn't see many projects from this girl, but I finally got around to one I've been dreaming up for a while. First, the before. Another one of those hideous towel rings flanked by redundant outlet action. I already eradicated the mirror image of this with my Rub a Dub pallet art on the other side of the bathroom.

First, I cut, sanded, and stained some cheap 1"x 2" wood for shelf support and 1" x 8" planks for shelves. I pre-drilled holes in the support wood and attached them to the wall. This is actually the same process I used to build the white shelves in my craft area, minus the corbels I used for support for those longer shelves.

Then, like any project I undertake, things didn't go as planned, and I had to use some creative engineering. First, the shelves didn't want to stay on the supports, so I had to use tiny nails to attach them. Then, I couldn't figure out how to attractively camouflage the outlet collection. I went to my favorite source of wisdom, inspiration (and time wastage): Pinterest, and found this idea (the one on the right. There was no image or directions for just the basket of light bulbs, but the picture was all I needed):

Image found at:
Tinkering around with the idea caused all kinds of new problems. How do you get power to one of the light bulbs?  Answer: use wire cutters to remove a few of the wire sections so you can stick the light bulb's bootie out.

How do you hide all the excess cord from the Ikea light bulb cord? Answer: Shove it in a jar and disguise it with cotton balls.

And when the basket didn't look right on the shelf by the outlets, how do you get the cord to the plug in? Answer: Use a drill and a screw driver to hack a really tacky hole in one of the shelves and hope you don't change your mind about it.

I folded up some towels to cover up those unsightly outlets and attached a plank of wood below with vintage red faucet handles (actually drawer pulls) for a towel hook. 

And here's the whole shebang  (and the little shebanger in pirate pants who walked right into my picture...)

There's just one final set of problems to solve. What do you do when your husband declares it's too dangerous to keep the light bulb lamp plugged in and constantly takes the towels off of the shelf instead of from the way more convenient stack under the sink (and behind a step stool)? Answer: Shake your head. And fist.

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