Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Roller Coaster

Friday night, I threw what I call (when one of the boys is acting similarly) a "big, fat, baby fit" about how much work I do, how overwhelmed I am, and how everybody else in our family is a lazy slob who doesn't care about me. Or something like that.

Saturday, my wonderful husband helped me with the laundry, the boys and I straightened, dusted, and vacuumed the living room (if you count Calvin using the vacuum tube to suck up random large chunks as vacuuming), I cleaned the bathrooms, the whole family cleaned the kitchen, Ryan and the boys cleaned up the yard, and I graded papers while sunbathing during nap time. Then, Ryan and I spent the rest of the day planting our garden in the most ingenious method ever invented by woman and man (in our humble opinion...) Here's our process:

1) Dump old straw on garden months before summer.
2) Right before planting time, trap a herd of sheep in the garden to eat down any weeds (and dump a load of fertilizer) on the plot.
3) Rake straw out of way, lay down plastic (that you got in a huge roll, free from a coworker)
4) Cut holes; plant plants.
5) Layer feed sacks between sheets of plastic to let ground "breathe" in spots.
6) Cover the plastic and feed sacks with straw.

7) Never weed again!
8) Conquer the world in all your spare time this summer!

While we worked on the garden, the sheep worked on mowing our grass, because that's how we roll. The boys jumped happily on the trampoline with very little fighting or tattling or crying.

Sunday, I got to take a long nap and read a book for hours.

I recant everything I said Friday.

For now...


Sharon Simmers said...

Haha! Must have been in the air! I had one of those kind of fits too, but my weekend didn't go as well as yours did! LOL! Glad yours got better, and love how Reed is sitting on Calvin! :)

Deborah Raney said...

You know, I don't have NEARLY as many of those fits since you kids all left home. Now my "fits" are crying jags because I MISS YOU ALL! :(

Love your solution though. Sounds like everybody pitched in and made it all better.

And hope to be there sometime when some of your garden goodies are still producing!

Miss you!