Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!

I'm convinced that every weekend should be of the 3-day variety! This one was great. On Friday, I got caught up on laundry, housecleaning, and grading. The boys got a special delivery from Germany -- a sweet Lego castle (three-direction-books sweet) from Uncle Tarl, who bought it for a fun photography experiment. I'm waiting for my tickets to Venice from another photography experience. (Speaking of photography, my camera has not been the same since it was whacked with a basketball at a school event--hence the grainy, washed out, out-of-focus shots--grrrr!!) 

There was a day full of Lego building, beautiful weather, and a friends' birthday party on Saturday. Then, Sunday brought the usual festivities. Easter egg hunt in our finest, most well-matched attire (only because Daddy is a spoil sport and wouldn't allow undies and a Scooby Doo blanket).

Off to church in just-for-Mom outfits, then on to spend the afternoon with family (after immediately stripping out of "fancy clothes").

Happy Easter, everyone! 


Tarl said...

Hey Tob, it's Tarl. Glad the boys got and liked the Lego castle. I want some pics when it's done.

For the camera, double check that the settings are set right. Auto mode or whatever. If the focus is out too, you may have broken the auto-focus so you might be out of luck on that front. The blown out pics could just be the settings getting out of whack. Or if it's a mechanical thing, the shutter may be staying open longer than intended due to damage. Too bad this didn't happen a few weeks ago, I'd have sent you my old camera, but I sold it already and bought a sweet new macro lens.

Trey Raney said...

Looks like a fun Easter weekend. If your camera isn't fixable, I believe Jen and I still have our old one which we really liked. It was a great camera and took really good pictures.

Just let us know.