Sunday, December 15, 2013


I just got the call that we're off school again tomorrow. This'll make the 7th snow day, which means we've been full of family togetherness for 10 1/2 days (we dismissed early when the storm started brewing). Here's a breakdown of our time.

Mommy productivity:

- Sewed 5 stockings and made each a monogram tag

- Made a new garland for the Christmas tree
- Decorated the tree
- Wrapped all of the presents - even adding "cuties" on a few

- Kept up with the laundry (a monumental accomplishment!)
- Graded all of my papers
- Redecorated the living room and bedroom
- Made a picture frame and a lamp shade cover

- Started on two top-secret Christmas presents I'm crafting
- Tried out a new cookie recipe by myself and baked 43 billion cookies with my sister- and mother-in-law

- Sorted through our DVD collection
- Finished Christmas shopping

Mommy counter-productivity:

- Kept up with the laundry (seriously! I think they sneak drawer-fulls in the hamper when I'm not looking!)
- Broke up 7 billion fights!
- Made huge decorating and crafting messes.
- Ran the dishwasher at least once a day.
- Declared I was NOT going to try to keep the house clean.
- Still felt like I cleaned constantly!

Boys' activity:

- Made 1000 Lego inventions, complete with vivid and detailed oral descriptions for any willing (or unwilling) ears
- Helped decorate the Christmas tree, which basically involved making the entire house look like a North pole raid

- Emptied the entire contents of every toy receptacle in the house
- Whined about having too many toys to pick up
- Engaged in 7,000,000,001 fights.

- Begged for snacks and "K-O-O-K-E-E"s nonstop
- Played in the snow twice a day.

- Begged to play on the Wii or Kinect or watch a movie 58 times a day.
- Watched at least 1 movie ever morning and played on the Wii or Kinect way over their regularly-scheduled 20 minute turn (survival mode, people, survival mode)
- Acted like they were mad when I chased them down to kiss them after seeing them under the "mistletoad," then taunted me 42 more times to try to get me to do it again.

I ran into my principal at the grocery store a few nights ago and asked him if he could arrange it so that students had to go back, but teachers didn't. I'm still crossing my fingers for Tuesday...

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