Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dashing Through the Snow

Since we've been trapped at home for 11 1/2 days, we've been a little cabin feverish! At least we've been surrounded by a winter wonderland to entertain us! We drove home through a wintry mix at noon last Thursday. The next morning, I woke up at an ungodly hour  (for a snow day) to, "Mom! It's a blizsherd!" followed by constant requests to get out in the almost-foot of snow that had fallen over night.

We finally relented when the sun was fully up. I was delighted, and then instantly sad/guilty to learn that all three boys can play outside with no parental assistance or entertainment. I just had to bundle them up, then send them on their way. All I had to do was monitor from the warmth of the other side of the window.

Even Max tromped along through the almost-foot of snow with glee. He survived almost a half an hour before one of his mittens fell off, then came inside screaming like he was about to die of frostbite. I figured it'd be a hard sell the next time everyone wanted to play outside. Wrong. He repeated the cycle every day. Beg to play. Go outside enthusiastically. Play like a trooper for 20-40 minutes. Come inside screaming like a banshee. Calm down and whine for hot chocolate. Cheer up immediately upon the first sip.

The most nerve wracking thing to watch, was the sledding. They chose a run down the pond levy that Ryan and I had used a previous winter when all we had was a laundry basket for a sled. It just so  happens to run right by some pine trees. Helpful for a Max stopper when he was trying to climb up the hill, but a little nerve-wracking for the Mama and Daddy watching from the window. I found out later when I joined in on the snow action that the danger looked a lot worse than it actually was. I also learned that Max is heavy! And earned a whole new respect for the boys, who had hauled him up the hill the day before, and my friend Laura, who ran a half marathon in the snow that weekend! Snow is tiring! But fun!

Hot chocolate became expected when the boys came in from the cold. I can't blame them. I've enjoyed it, too! It's my Grammy's recipe. It makes a ton and is delish! 

Grammy's Hot Cocoa Mix

8 qt box dry milk
16 oz. coffee creamer
2 lb powdered sugar
16 oz. instant cocoa
1 box instant chocolate pudding mix

- Mix all ingredients together in a small, clean trash bag.
- Store in a cute jar (and hide the other 13 pounds in empty creamer bottles under the counter - seriously it makes a ton!)
- Use 1/3 cup mix for each cup of hot water or milk. (Or just heat up a huge panful of water/milk mixture and dump in enough chocolate until it looks brown and tastes good)
- Top with whip cream, ice cream, or marshmallows (or all of the above, including two different flavors of marshmallows!)

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Deborah Raney said...

Looks like you're making the best memories ever! And now I'm wishing for a cup of Grammy's hot cocoa!