Sunday, December 15, 2013


My biggest little baby turned eight today. EIGHT! I can't believe we've been parents for almost a decade! I can't believe this hairy little baby...

...has grown up to this handsome young man!

He's definitely in the in-between stage -- sometimes acting/looking like a little boy, but more and more seeming like a young man. So grown up, in fact, that I can no longer tell stories on him, as per his recent request. So, hypothetically speaking, if he saw a shaggy fur vest in a girls' juniors section and thought it was cool and wanted to spend his allowance money on it so he could dress up as a Barbarian and then his dad, who didn't hear his awesome plan, revealed that it was a very girly clothing item, I couldn't tell anyone about it, because that would be embarrassing. For example.  

But I can tell you what he's into/good at at this age. So I will:

1) Talking! He is very verbally verbose! And he can knock your socks off with some of his deep thoughts, too! 

 2) Engineering-type things - particularly building with Legos. Dude can build! Not only can he follow those crazy 80-page Lego instruction manuals, but he also freestyles with the best of them. This week he was making tiny Christmas packages complete with bows and decorative wrap-around ribbon. Next week it'll be some submarine/airplane concoction.

3) Socializing - Whether it's a little old lady in the nursing home (for real) or a little baby, he knows how to talk to his audience. He's very charismatic! We're just working on when to let others get a word in edgewise.

I'm so proud of my eldest and can't wait to see what kind of a man he grows up to be. Just not yet. Let him innocently wear teeny bopper Barbarian vests for a few more years...


Anonymous said...

I fall into that little old lady category that loves to listen to his stories! He entertains me with jokes and explains star wars characters (good or bad and what they look like) because for the most part I am clueless! It seems like yesterday we were having a baby shower at school. I can't believe he is 8! Happy Birthday Reed! Tina

Deborah Raney said...

This made me cry, but in a happy way! Happy birthday, buddy! Can't wait to see you! Love, Mimi

Tobi said...

Reed says - "To Mrs. Huffman I'll say, 'Can't wait to go back to church with you!' and to Mimi, 'Can't wait to see you either. Love you, Mimi!"