Sunday, December 9, 2012

Lots of Material

The nublins were in fine form today! I got a week’s worth of blog material all in one day.


C: Pleasth open thisth for me.

Me: Let’s practice your “s” sound. Say, “Pleassssse open thisssss for me.”

C: Can you open that?

M:  Come on, let’sssss practisssse. Pleassssse open thissssss.

C continues to avoid the dreaded s sound, ignore me, and/or turn his mouth away from me so I can’t see if his tongue is in the right spot. Finally, when he sees I’m not going anywhere. 

C: Well, I have to sthay THA-AT if you’re holding it!

In the car:

Our conversation somehow gets from ancestors to smoking, then cancer, then chemo, then baldness, then Uncle Tarl, then male-pattern baldness vs. bic-ing your head voluntarily.  The boys were a little worried that their hair would fall out when they got older.

Me:  Yeah, but then you could just shave it like Uncle Tarl. I think he looks pretty cool without hair.

C: Yeah! He looks like a guy who could do sweet moves on Mario!...Hey! Mario is like Papa. Hair here (points to right side) and here (points to left side), but no hair here (points to top of head)

R: That’s his hat, Calvin.


They take their charving skills to new media: Reed charves pork roast (lots of wood products) and Calvin charves bread and vegetables.

C (holding up piece of broccoli): Is this a tree, (turns it) an upside down tree, (takes bite out of top middle) or a clown?

It was a clown.

Play time:

After putting up the Christmas tree, they took the Christmas toys out and started having a heyday. I’m not really sure what the storyline was, but when I spied, I learned that it involved reindeer, snowmen, a King, Baby Jesus, a Christmas train, and a truck made from a triceratops skeleton. Here’s the one line I overheard:

C: Uh oh! Baby Jesus’ hay is frozen! (knock knock) How will we break it?! Get yooour weapons!!!

Toy pick-up time:

After finishing his assigned rooms, Calvin “helped” Reed in the living room by making a Ninja out of an exercise ball, comforter, two DS games, coat, slippers, and couch cushions.

The couch cushions are arms, a shield, and a sword. I told you this boy was creative.


In between all the funnies there was also decorating the Christmas tree, baking Reed’s b-day cookies, eating popcorn and cheese for supper while drawing dinosaurs, attacks under the mistletoe, and Max peeing on the potty for the first time!  It doesn’t get much better than this.


Deborah Raney said...

Can't wait to see that picture! Darn you, dial-up is right! This post was a scream!

Deborah Raney said...

Just read the Mario part to Papa and we're both spewing coffee and tea. :)