Sunday, February 26, 2012

It Doesn't Get More "Boy" Than This

A look at our afternoon should make it obvious why I adore our middlest. During our few hours in the great outdoors, I witnessed Calvin:
- jumping on the trampoline
- climbing on the garden fence
- climbing on the grape arbor
- cimbing on the goat transport cage thingy
- climbing on the dog box and jumping off...over and over and over...and over
- executing a successful sneak attack and pounce to save my left shoe from Shaky, our canine shoe thief
- running all over the yard in an attempt to rescue my right
- wrestling with Shaky, just for fun

- making important announcements into a large and long piece of PVC pipe
- lapping water from the ditch like a dog (the same water we were fascinated with a few days ago because of the abundance of troll-hair algae)

And he did all this while sporting his dino/monkey jammie shirt (backwards, of course), clashy shorts, and black socks. Gotta pick my battles with this guy...

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