Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Freeze Ball Tag:

- 1-2 balls

Players:- Runners
- Crawler
- Mom

- Runners dash around the house. The object is to hit opposing players with a ball (bonus laugh points for hits that knock players over or for blows to the head). A hit by a ball results in a “freeze,” meaning players may not move (mouths exempted) until one of the following occurs:
1) Another player tags them
2) They touch a ball of a different color
3) A crawler brushes up against them
4) A crawler shuffles into the nearby vicinity and the frozen player reaches out (or walks over) to touch him
5) The frozen player gets tired of being frozen

- Crawlers waddle around chanting “ball” and shrieking. They don’t so much have to follow the freezing protocol, though they are open for ball hits. Runners score double bonus laugh points for head blows delivered to a crawler.
- The role of the mom is to prolong the game as long as humanly possible, so she can frantically finish meals and house chores free from sibling rivalry, persistent snack requests, tattles, and barnacles attached to her leg. To this end, moms may enter play to unfreeze runners who appear to be approaching boredom. Moms, however, possess special “air unfreezing” powers. They need only raise a hand in the general direction of the frozen runner and say, “You’re unfrozen.” Should the mom become frozen herself, she may invoke the “self-healing magic mom” rule.
- The game ends when any or all of the following situations occur:
1) A fight breaks out
2) A crawler gets hungry
3) Someone gets their eye poked out
4) Something gets broken
5) Bed time hits
6) Mom gets all of her work done*
* Theoretically, though this has never occurred in the history of Freeze Ball Tag

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