Saturday, February 14, 2015

Romance Is...

Romance Is…

...An early gift--made by two high school chemistry students on behalf of your husband (but with a sweet note inside written just by him)

...Spending Valentine’s Day playing dodgeball for a high school fundraiser.
...Going out to a quiet lunch at a Hibachi grill. In your sweats. With five other adults. And all of your/their children.
...Watching basketball, playing air hockey, shooting hoops, and testing out an elliptical.
...Getting home after dark and going for a moonlit stroll together. To load a wheelbarrow with firewood for the night and wrestle it back to the house.
...Falling asleep watching a movie together.
...Waking up early before church for another jaunt to the clearing to load the truck up with wood for the upcoming storm. Then making yet another trip after church when the forecast sounds like it’s about to get real.
...Not doing lesson plans, instead staying up super late to wait for the snow to start.
...Sleeping with the outside light on and waking up every hour or so to watch the flakes fall.
...Waking up to a foot of snow and the sweet promise of a week at home together!

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