Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How We Pass the Time

Tomorrow will be Snow Day #7, making for an 11-day weekend. We’ve been out on the icy roads once in the last eight days. There’s been a little bit of outdoor play/work every day, but mostly, we’ve been holed up in the part of our homestead that’s NOT -20 degrees--the house. Here’s what we’ve been up do within these four walls:

  • sleeping in
  • facebook stalking people catching up with family and friends
  • Pinning every remotely creative idea known to man
  • blogging a little
  • blog reading a lot
  • prepping vocab cards and unit intro slide shows for the rest of the school year so I survive track season without having a nervous breakdown and/or killing someone
  • playing board games with the boys (and, before he knew better, Ryan)
  • cleaning parts of the house and growling when I realize it’s futile
  • organized the pantry
  • marveling at how many dishes and articles of clothing we dirty in a day
  • writing menu plans and finding new recipes to try; then forgetting to feed my family until 1:00 (lunch) and 7:00 (supper)

  • sleeping in
  • researching ways to spend all our money on trucks
  • writing track workout schedules (we start practice in less than a week!)
  • playing Spades on his phone
  • yelling at his imaginary Spades partners (or opponents--not really sure), Julie, who always “goes set” and Bob, who’s an idiot
  • wrestling so hard with the boys that they have whelps and beard rash
  • reading
  • finishing the entire series of Friday Night Lights

  • waking up in the wee hours of the morning to watch TV, burn up their technology minutes, and eat 17 breakfasts before they ask mom to make them three more
  • talking in weird voices and/or screaming bloody murder all day long
  • building a Lego city
  • begging Mom to play Heroica with them (the official game, not their made-up version, which I've learned actually wasn't that far from the real game)
  • being poor sports when they lose to the ultimate Heroine
  • taking “victory laps” around the house, each with a different theme (crab walk, tiger, skip, backwards) after they beat the timer to pick up toys
  • simultaneously making similar sound effects (I’m not fluent enough in onomatopoeia to spell these sounds) even while they're all in their own little separate toy worlds
  • turning our pillows into potato sacks for a hop race around the house
  • begging for more chapters of their latest Wings of Fire books
  • having a spank-your-butt-more-times-than-you-spank-mine contest with Mom
  • asking to eat all the food, all the time
  • pestering each other
  • fighting like cats and dogs
  • spending a fair amount of time in the time-out chair
  • Limbo-ing under a battle axe wedged between hall walls
  • inventing new games to destroy the house entertain themselves
  • getting whooped up on by Daddy

We may be going a bit stir crazy, and we may be beating the tar out of each other with battle axes, but there’s still time for a few sweet moments. Tonight, Reed and Calvin had were playing some kind of roll-y ball soccer game they’d invented. Max was perched on a stool checking out the situation.

M: Reed, you look awesome! (goes over to awesome-looking brother and hugs him)
R: (to Mom, with a knowing look) Ee’s-hay ying-tray o-tay ind-fay any-hay eason-ray o-tay ive-gay e-may a-hay ug-hay. (translation for those nonfluent in Pig Latin: “He’s trying to find any reason to give me a hug.”)
M: (with a big, sweet smile) Mom, I gave Reed a hug-hay!

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