Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lego Table

If you know our boys, then you know there's not much they like better than Legos. The two bigguns, especially, are obsessed! As a result, we have mountains of the tiny pieces. When Reed started becoming interested in Legos, largely due to an impressive collection at Mrs. Pam's day care, I decided to copy Mrs. Pam's organizational strategy for the plastic pieces: store 'em all mishmashed together on a Lego table. I took two end tables, set them side-by-side, hammered a little trim around the surface and, voila, an instant surface to play and store Legos. 

This did not last long. I swear Legos multiply at night (oftentimes on the floor). We soon had two  large storage tubs filled with the bricks under the end tables. The tabletop was still constantly loaded. The only purpose it served was a good place to aim when putting toys away Calvin-style (chucking them in the general direction of some receptacle).  So, this year for Christmas, I made a new, improved Lego table for myself the boys. I basically copied the table top for my pallet desk. I used two 1"x 12" boards, following the same painting technique I used on the pallet desk (red craft paint, sanding, stain/black paint mixture) to achieve rustic, barn-looking wood. I used mending plates to fasten the two boards side by side. Then, I nailed trim on the outside edge of all four sides so there would be a ledge to keep any rogue Ninjas from jumping off unassisted. The table is about eight feet long, so there's plenty of room for all three boys to play.

Whether there's plenty of room for all of their Legos remains to be seen. We still have the two storage tubs under the end tables. At this point you can see some of the surface of the table, which is more than you could say for the last one. However, they still have Christmas money to burn and I know what they'll spend it on. 

I'm not too worried, though. The boys received about 10 Lego sets for Christmas. Guess where they assembled nine of them?

All over the floor...

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Deborah Raney said...

LOL! Love the punchline. Their room looks so great though! Did the Ikea curtains work?? I'm kind of wishing I'd bought some...don't even know where I'd put them, but the ones you got are gorgeous!

Kammy Wielenga said...

Oh you are so funny! This sounds just like my Lego obsessed boys. Love the long table. Hopefully they will use it as you intended. But I wouldn't hold my breath... Haha

Tobi said...

Kammy, thanks! And, yeah, I'm already seeing that the table is more of a loading and unloading dock, but oh well. At least it's cute, right? And Mom, the curtains look awesome! I had to cut and sew a new seam, but no biggie. I'll show you pics soon.

Kim Jones said...

I love this idea! My boys and ESPECIALLY my daughter love legos. The problem always is where to do them and then leave them once built. After Christmas it is usually our dining room table! I need to find a space to dedicate to the cause like you did. I am so glad you linked up at the Hunt & Host Home Tour!