Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Toy

The bigs have found a fun, new, interactive toy. It's called a Max. They’ve played hide and seek with him for over an hour now. They’ve knocked half the clothes off the hanger in my closet and spread blankets all over the house. And yes, they may have drug Max around the house a bit. And tried to put him in the hamper. And then they may have swept him off his feet more than once trying to help him in a baby kickboxing match.  But hey -  it’s great sibling bonding time. And it’ll toughen the little guy up. But mostly, it’s all fun and games when the baby isn’t Velcroed to your leg.  
I’m hoping today is a start of a whole new Max. He has been so happy and so not all up in my bidness! Even when his bubbies were outside on the trampoline, he wandered around the house happily creating havoc. He’s usually a total Mama’s boy. His favorite place to hang out is my left calf. He’ll be happily playing one minute, then see me walk across the room and suddenly be rendered a blubbering codependent, alternately crying and saying, “Buh! Buh! Buh!” which could be “bite,” but in this situation means, “up,” I’ve learned. I’ve gotta admit, there’s been quite a few things that Max has gotten away with, simply because he wasn’t being a barnacle. Among them:
-          Taking all the books off the shelves
-          Filing various objects in random locations (deodorant under the microwave, sippy cup in the dog scrap bucket, spit-out grape skins in the mixing bowls, toys in the bathroom drawers, etc.)
-          Splashing in the toilet
-          Tearing up the boys’ masterpieces
-          Raiding the beer can collection from under our stroller (no, I don’t drink and stroll—apparently we live on a drinking road, so we pick cans up on our walks)
-          “Helping” with the dirty laundry
-          “Helping” grade papers
-          Trying to dial out on one of our cell phones
-          Eating who-knows-how-old scraps from under the table
-          Blowing into and licking the vacuum tubes and attachments
I won’t differentiate between the ones that I didn’t notice because I was sneaking around trying to not to let him see me and the ones I knew full well he was doing, but did nothing about because it bought me a few moments alone. Let your imagination run wild…

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Deborah Raney said...

I can picture it all! LOVE the blog! : )