Monday, July 4, 2016

Project Photo Dump

Here are a few projects I worked on since I've been "off the grid."

About 20 origami stars. This was my "car craft" on the way to Kansas for Christmas. I used this tutorial from Charming Imperfections. I can't wait until next year, when I get to put them on the Christmas tree!

The notes behind the star are for closet shelves I installed FOR FREE in both of our boys' rooms. I used old trim for supports and old tile boards for shelves. They're not pretty, but let's be honest, the boys' closets are never much to look at anyway, so... I also put in a rod drop so Max can reach hung up clothes. No more dressers in the boys' rooms! They're all mine!

I made a light fixture from an old lampshade. I stripped it down to the frame, then wrapped it in random strips of fabric. I used an Ikea lamp cord and a cool Ikea light bulb.

We got new floors! Goodbye Barney pink carpet! I rearranged the furniture, sewed a table skirt to add storage under a desk, whitewashed the brick around our fireplace, and sprayed the ugly gold away with high heat fireplace spray paint.



I sewed new kitchen curtains. They're exactly like the old ones, but a little larger check. The old ones looked pink from a distance. They'd bugged me for years, until I happened to find a cheap sheet set of larger check gingham at Ikea. The sheet was way cheaper than the fabric would have been, big enough for all new curtains, and bonus! I have a gingham pillow case, too!

Here is last Christmas's car craft: I punched a bajillion circles out of an old book, glued them back to back along thread, then tucked them into a drum shade I got at a garage sale for $2. I used another Ikea light cord to light 'er up. 

I used ping pong balls to make a cute light strand. Reed uses it as a night light.

Our plain red shower curtain finally got an update! I bought a polka dotted sheet at a garage sale for $1, and cut a strip to make sort of a valance at the top. Then, I tied different ribbons around the shower curtain hooks for a little extra somethin' somethin'.

I used the same sheet to make a little curtain for our laundry room window.


Deborah Raney said...

Wow, when you put them all in on blog post, it makes you realize how VERY productive you've been!! Love them all, and am glad I've gotten to see most of them in person. Love, Mama :)

Clearwing said...

Nice work! I love the floors, but the stuff you did for a few dollars each blows me away. The fireplace looks way better, the ping pong ball lights are awesome and the curtains are great. Makes me want to try my hand at sewing some. We are still using the previous owner's curtains and I think they may be from 20 years ago.

Tobi said...

Thanks, Clearwing! And you should totally try sewing! I was so nervous to get started, but it really isn't difficult at all, and it's amazing how many new things you can make just by learning that one skill. I can't do anything fancy, but I've already saved a lot of money and made things I love!