Saturday, October 10, 2015

Not-So-Great Expectations

Our local booster club is hosting a 5K fundraiser next weekend. Under great duress, I signed up for it. I guess it would be pretty bad if the track coach/wife of the cross country coach didn't support 1) the booster club and 2) running. However, lest there be any unreasonable expectations of this track coach/wife of the CC coach, let me point out a few things:

- Yes, I ran track in high school and college, but I was a hurdler (100 meters) and jumper (70-80 feet down a runway). The longest race I ever ran was the low hurdles - 3/4 of a lap around the track in high school, and I begged my coach not to make me do it at every. single. meet.  Also, that was 17 years ago. Also, I have had three children since then.
- Yes, my hubs is a stud. But last time I checked, spousal abilities don't transfer. Ask Ryan to sew some curtains (or pick his clothes up off the floor) if you don't believe me.
- Yes, I coach track. And I thought I would get in shape from the endeavor, too. But when you miss the running portion of the work out because you're driving 40 miles round trip to pick up your munchkin, that doesn't happen. The only thing track did for my physique was cause me to eat more McDonald's and give me less time to run it off.
- Yes, I volunteer in the weight room, but the bench press doesn't make running any easier.
- Yes, I ran a 5K a few years back, but that was the ONLY time I've ever run nonstop for 30 minutes. Any other jogs involve walk breaks every 5-10 minutes.
- Yes, every week I yell stuff like "Power up that hill!" and "Come on! Show them what you're made of!" and "You gotta move on that pack up there!" at Ryan's team, but for that, I now apologize! (Please don't give me a taste of my own medicine next weekend, guys!)

I went for a jog today to see if I could still run 30 minutes without walking. The good news? I did it! The bad news? The pace was so slow, it'll probably only get me about 0.5K.

Maybe next year the booster club will have a pie-eating contest fundraiser. Then I can really show them what I'm made of!

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Deborah Raney said...

LOL! Love the pie-eating contest line! You go, girl! :)