Friday, February 14, 2014

Brown Paper Packages

This morning as I tried to load up the car with Valentines, party treats, backpacks, teacher bags, and little boys, Calvin asked me to reach the "R" magnet at the top of the fridge for him. I gave him the "are you kidding me? Heck no!" look and rushed him out the door. It looked to me like he was just lining up random letters to hold up his most recent illustration. I discovered later I was wrong.

This clearly says, "Jek 14," which to most people is still random letters (and a number). But to two little boys who saved up their money and made their first brothers'-together online purchase it's a very significant string of letters. I can't really explain what (or who?) it is, but I'm sure those two little boys could - and would - for hours and hours. All I know is it is a Lego set that has something to do with Star Wars and it's the only thing on the bigguns minds since they ordered it Monday night. Calvin has wanted to check the mail multiple times a day, even though we've repeatedly told him when the mail comes and that a large Lego kit won't even fit in the mailbox. I prepared them for 7-10 business days, but thank the good Lord in heaven above, it arrived early!

When we pulled into the driveway tonight (after checking the mailbox, of course), it was late and we had four bags of Valentine paraphernalia and trunk full of groceries. But we also had A PACKAGE! A PACKAGE! A PACKAGE! on our doorstep, so I let the monkeys tumble out of the vehicle to check it out. They ran onto the porch and shook the smallest of what turned out to be two packages. When they heard rattling, they started screaming like little girls at a One Direction concert. Even Max chanted, "Jek 14! Jek 14!" over and over. Maybe he can explain to me who that is...

The box was ripped open before I could bring in the first load. Max was ecstatic, but the bigs were not. It was his birthday present - a few days early. Oops! The other two raced for the oversized package and asked me to help rip it open. I knew by it's size that it was my replacement hamper, a purchase Reed had made, but wouldn't be too excited about. I opened the box to find my theory correct. Reed turned away dejectedly, but Calvin, never one to give up (at least not on something he wants), peeked behind my merchandise. The banshee noise started again. Jek 14 had FINALLY arrived.

I made the boys help unload the car and put groceries away before they could open the box. I've never seen such diligent little workers. Within minutes, our house looked like this:

There were many adorable exclamations. Reed declared that it was the best day of his life and he couldn't "believe this!" He and Calvin got along like champs. They agreed to take turns completing the steps from an entire two-page spread in the instruction book. 

Max played with the pieces of his birthday present - a new board game. It was already 7:00 and we hadn't even eaten supper. So, I busted out their favorite fancy meal: popcorn. They had already consumed four times their recommended daily calories at their Valentine parties, so what the heck. I started to play Max's new game with him. That actually succeeded in dragging the banshees away from the Legos. And the game was so adorable and fun (Thanks, Mimi and Papa!) that it kept them away. It's a team vs. bad guys (pigs who try to eat your picnic while you're on your way to it) game with an I spy twist. Anyway, the pigs beat us the first time and Calvin insisted on playing again. I relented, but said it had to be a quick turn because it was almost bed time. "No! We have to play again and again until we win, 'cuz, 'If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.'" Thank goodness we won the next round.

There was still a little "bonus play time" to work on the Jekster in their room before lights out, but only if they rushed the bedtime routine. And rush, they did. Calvin brushed his teeth while simultaneously undressing and finding his jammies.

JIKFQRTN is still under construction, but I have a feeling I know who'll be up at the butt crack of dawn tomorrow. And I'm sure there'll be a few rousing rounds of "Beat the Pigs," too.

My real sweetie has to chaperone a dance tonight, but I sure had a fun date with my three littlest Valentines.

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