Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Uper-say Annoying-hay

I’d like to apologize first to my parents for all the hours I spent speaking Pig Latin. Then, I’d like to extend that apology to anyone who has had any contact with my children this week. For some reason, I thought it would be a great idea to teach them the language that I had so much fun using during my own childhood. Oly-hay ap-cray! I never imagined they’d become fluent in the language, much less that it would become their primarily-spoken tongue. Reed speaks it as good as any grown up. Calvin is a little sketchier, but he’s got “upid-stay utt-bay” down to a tee! Potty humor is SO much more hilarious in a foreign dialect.

At a recent outing with Aunt Tavia (an outing that already involved time-outs in a separate restaurant booth by a certain medium-sized someone) I did what Ryan and I have had to do every day since – institute a English-only policy for the rest of the day. I explained that Pig Latin could get very obnoxious, so we weren’t going to use it ANY MORE! Reed replied, “Orry-say.”


Deborah Raney said...

You were upid-stay to teach them, as I was to teach you at too early an age. Pig Latin is supposed to be the secret language adults use when they don't want kids to understand. But I remember Grammy being mad at Gramps when he taught us, far too young, too. As Reed would say, "orry-say." ; )

Tobi said...

After listening to his biggest bro drone on in the language for hours tonight, Max even got in on the action. He said his favorite word, "Oh-nay."